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Blog :: 05-2011

Positive Outlook on Housing - Fox News Interview with President Realogy

There is a lot of conversations these days about our real estate market and whether it is good or bad, have we hit the bottom of the market or are we recovering.  Here is a good video that puts our real estate market in perspective.  The big picture is sometimes hard to see but it paints a good look into our future of home buying and selling. 

Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com

Job Market Improves, Housing Mixed - Pioneer Valley, Mass

Median house price is up compared to last year, but number of sales are down.  Keep in mind that last year we had the first time home buyer tax credit which fueled the house sales.  These statistics are expected.  Although the real estate market continues to be fragile, I am optimistic about the future and it will eventually turn around.  It is just going to take time.  

Click here http://bit.ly/kZQ1rd to read the latest news about the housing and job market in the Pioneer Valley region.

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