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Pioneer Valley, Mass Local Real Estate News

The local real estate news is reporting the same as the national news that we have turned the corner and houses are selling.   A few comments were made in this article by local real estate agents that I would like to point out.    

The key for home sellers is to price their home to match the local market.  Sometimes this is very hard to do in the hill towns because every property is so different but it is important to listen to your agent and discuss the best pricing strategy.   On average, the buyers are usually willing to pay 96% of the list price.   It is also mentioned that buyers are looking for homes in very good condition and I could not agree more.  Fixer-uppers are not selling well.    As the demand for housing continues and the inventory of homes diminishes, you will see the fixer upper market turn around.

In Franklin County, sales rose 16 percent, from 418 in 2011 to 485. The median price rose from $170,950 to $170,000. 

Wall Street Housing Bet - Pretty Big

Recent articles about the housing market all continue to say the same.  People are predicting or what I should say "hoping" that the real estate market will continue to improve and Wall Street is banking on it!   As one person mentioned there is still plenty to go wrong - Washington - Debt Ceiling, must I say more!  As I look at the past year, I am pleased to report it was one of my best year in sales.  I do predict the housing market will continue to improve slow and steady.   

MAR releases December pending sales - Good News!

Great way to end the year!   Massachusetts Association of  REALTORS released the December and year-end 2012 pending home sales report for single-family homes and condominiums in Massachusetts. For the 20th straight month, homes put under agreement were up over the same month last year. For the complete year, the total number of homes put under agreement in 2012 significantly topped the number of homes put under agreement in 2011.

Here are the highlights:
§  Single-family pending home sales were up 15.6% compared to December 2011
§  Single-family month-to-month pending home sales were down 21% from November 2012
§  Condo pending home sales were up 5.6% compared to December 2011
§  Condo pending month-to-month home sales were down 14% from October 2012
2012 highlights:
§  2012 Single-family pending home sales were up 25% compared to 2011 (38,502 homes in 2011 vs. 48,064 homes in 2012)
§  2012 Condomimium pending home sales were up 26% compared to 2011 (14,893 homes in 2011 vs. 18,706 homes in 2012)
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