About Me

Wanda Mooney is a native of the area and was raised in Charlemont, MA.  Her parents, Larry and Connie Burrington, owned and operated a successful motel and restaurant business on the Mohawk Trail which they sold in 1978.  Growing up and working at a family owned business along with her two sisters and brother helped Wanda develop strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit.  She was raised to put customers first which is the best education she could receive. Her mother, now at the age of 90, has her own quilting business and launched her website last year.  As the saying goes “apple does not fall far from the tree”.  There is no doubt Wanda’s successful career is a direct result from the teachings she received from her mom.  

During her early years, Wanda was fortunate to have horses.  She was dedicated to taking care of them and as a result her parents made sure she attended weekly competitions.  Riding western and competing in Gymkhana events was her passion and she brought home many championship awards. At the age of 10, she earned the New England Reserve Championship Gymkhana Award from the New England Pinto Horse Association.  Wanda no longer has horses but her love for them still remains.   

In 1985, Wanda married local building contractor, John Mooney.  At the age of 20, they built a log home on 60 acres of land that was in Wanda's family for many generations. Wanda learned hands on about construction and the challenges that people face when it comes to building new or renovating an existing home.   

In 1993, Wanda started her career in real estate. The combination of understanding the importance of home ownership along with having a positive and enthusiastic personality makes Wanda a natural at selling real estate. She realized early on that everyone should have an opportunity to own a home.  It can be a life changing experience and for most people their largest investment. Both buyers and sellers alike can depend on her guidance through what can be a very challenging and stressful process.  

In her spare time Wanda enjoys spending quiet time at home working in her gardens. When football season arrives, you will find her cheering on her favorite team, the New England Patriots. Wanda gives to several local charities and serves on the Board of Directors for the United Way of Franklin County.