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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

  • Wanda is enthusiastic, positive, personable and very professional in conduct and dealings.  She also takes the best photos!!!
  • My experience with Wanda was great!  She was professional, polite and responded to phone calls and emails promptly.  She made an otherwise frustrating situation much easier to deal with.  I would highly recommend Wanda to friends, family and strangers!!
  • Wanda was both an excellent buyer’s broke and a friend throughout the whole process finding and purchasing my home.
  • She explained every detail to us even when I was insecure about the sale. She calmed me down with reassurance.  Wanda was excellent.
  • From day one we felt we knew Wanda for years.  She never made us feel pressured or rushed on our decisions.
  • Wanda knows the buying or selling side on a home.  She’s done both for me!  She is insightful and intelligent helping you to get the best value.
  • Wanda was  a great personality match for me.  Her experience and knowledge of the area were invaluable.  She really cared about me and wanted me to feel comfortable each step of the way buying my first home.
  • I found Wanda Mooney to be friendly, cooperative and especially skilled in handling the sale of my property. She returned all my calls and answered questions in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend her services to other buyers & sellers.
  • I dealt with many other offices in my search and I found Wanda Mooney to be the most professional. She is well informed and returned calls/emails promptly. She is by far top notch of any agent I dealt with.
  • Wanda explained every detail about selling a home. I was insecure of the sale and she calmed me down with reassurance. Wanda was excellent!
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