Property Resources

Know the State and Federal Regulations

  • Asbestos: State Resource guide, policies, regulations, guidance, federal information
  • Percolation Tests: What is a percolation test, an observation well, what are the trends, know about ground water
  • Lead Paint: Resource guide, learn about where to look for lead in an older home.
  • Radon: Public health fact sheet answers questions about Radon
  • Septic Systems: Learn more about septic systems, how to maintain them and the Title 5 Inspection.
  • Drinking Water: Mass DEP guidelines provide information all about drinking water.
  • Mold Resources: U.S. EPA information on all molds, regulations, air quality standards.
  • Chapter 61 Forestry: Facts about land stewardship
  • Energy Efficiency: Helpful hints and facts to create an energy efficient property.
  • MassSave:  Learn about state programs available to make your home more energy effecient.
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