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If you're contemplating a move and curious to know how much your property is worth, Wanda Mooney is offering a complimentary, no-obligation market analysis.   In addition to the valuation she will discuss the home selling process, go over current market trends and present her impressive and detailed marketing strategy.  


Key Indicators of a Seller's Market:


It continues to be a seller's market and these conditions strongly favor those selling properties rather than buying. This situation typically arises when there are more buyers seeking homes than there are homes available for sale. As a result, sellers often have the upper hand in negotiations, and properties can sell quickly and sometimes even above the asking price.


  1. Low Inventory: One of the primary signs of a seller's market is a low inventory of homes for sale. This scarcity of available properties increases competition among buyers.

  2. High Demand: In a seller's market, there is generally high demand from buyers, often fueled by factors such as low interest rates, a strong economy, or a desirable location.

  3. Rising Prices: With increased demand and limited supply, home prices tend to rise in a seller's market. Bidding wars may occur, leading to offers that exceed the listing price.

  4. Quick Sales: Homes in a seller's market often sell rapidly, sometimes within days of being listed. Multiple offers and competitive bidding can expedite the selling process.

  5. Favorable Terms for Sellers: Sellers have more leverage in negotiations, with buyers potentially waiving contingencies or offering flexible closing timelines to make their offers more attractive.


If you're thinking about selling and wish to explore Wanda's comprehensive marketing approach, feel free to contact her at 413-768-9848 or via email at hello@wandamooney.com.

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