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Easy Projects to Improve Your Home During Winter

During this time of year, many of us spend a lot of time at home. If you're starting to experience cabin fever, here are some easy projects to freshen up your home in the middle of winter:

bathroom makeover home winter projectsThe Closets

Winter time is perfect for decluttering and cleaning out your closets. Organize your clothes and eliminate ones that you haven’t worn for years. Dig deep into the back of your closet and see what's been hiding out of sight. Then you can donate any unwanted items to the local Salvation Army or Goodwill.

The Bathrooms 

The bathrooms can be a place where a lot of scum and germs build up. Take the time deep clean your bathrooms. Go through the linen closet and vanities to see what unwanted items are filling up the space. You might also consider painting the walls, freshen up with new towels and bath mats and add a plant to give your bathrooms some life. 

The Laundry Room

It's easy for dust to build up in the laundry room and for the space to become untidy. Give your laundry room a thorough dusting and cleaning. Organize the linens to make it easy to access the ones you need. Add some shelving or wall art to give it a fresh new look.

home office organization winter cleaningThe Home Office

Most of us are working out of our home right now. If the space where you do most of your work is cluttered, it can be uninspiring and difficult to be productive. Freshen up your work space by decluttering table tops and organizing items and paperwork in draws or cabinets. Then add some inspiring artwork or a plant to make the space feel calm and appealing. An organized space will make it easier to work on your goals for the upcoming year.

The Walls

There is nothing better than a fresh coat of interior paint to make your rooms feel new again. Choose some new colors that appeal to you and then have fun painting the walls. Once it has dried, you can freshen up the rooms by adding matching pillows and wall decor. Update your photos with new frames or recent photos. You can also place candles on some of the furniture to make the house feel cozy and warm.  

Smart Homes

You might want to explore incorporating smart home devices into your living space.  There are various thermostats, alarms, light switches and interesting gadgets that you can get to make your home work smarter! This can help you save money, make your home more energy efficient, and make your house more appealing down the road when you may want to sell. Check out my blog posts on smart homes and smart home devices for more information.

Energy Efficiency

Lastly I would contact MassSave and have an energy audit done on your home. They will contribute to having your home insulated and you can also take advantage of their interest free loans and rebates!


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