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Feature Friday: Franklin County Co-op in Western Mass

franklin county coop massachusettsStep through the doors of Green Fields Market or McCusker’s Market, and you'll be greeted by shelves brimming with fresh, locally sourced produce, artisanal goods, and household essentials. From vibrant organic fruits and vegetables to handcrafted cheeses and bread, every item tells a story of quality and care. Both stores are part of the Franklin County Co-op, a local gem of Franklin County. But the Co-op isn't just about what's on the shelves—it's about the relationships forged between producers, consumers, and the community at large.

One of the Co-op's standout features is its dedication to supporting local farmers and artisans. By prioritizing products from nearby growers and makers, the Co-op not only ensures the freshest ingredients for its customers but also fosters a sustainable economy within Franklin County. From small-scale organic farms to independent food artisans, the Co-op provides a platform for local businesses to thrive, keeping dollars circulating within the community.

Since 1977, the Franklin County Co-op has been more than just a grocery store, actively contributing to community well-being and sustainability by collaborating with over 30 partners. Together, they work on initiatives to improve access to local, healthy foods, while also providing education and empowerment around food systems and sustainability. This collective effort underscores the Co-op's role as a catalyst for positive change, striving to create a more resilient and inclusive food system for all.

In essence, the Franklin County Co-op is more than just a grocery store—it's a cornerstone of the community, where values of sustainability, collaboration, and nourishment come together. Whether you're picking up ingredients for tonight's dinner or simply stopping by for a chat with familiar faces, the Co-op offers something truly special for everyone who walks through its doors.

Stop by Green Fields Market at 144 Main Street in Greenfield or McCusker’s Market at 3 State Street in Shelburne Falls. 

Learn more about the Franklin County Co-op and become a member today at franklincommunity.coop.


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